AMTC's Sensor Faucets
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No Solenoids EVER
 Save up to 70% on water
Eliminate Cross Contamination
AMTC's Water Saving Handles
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Easy self install /Save water now
 Less than a 5 minute do it yourself install. Save up to 50% on water.
Automatic Soap
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Buy your soap from anyone
 Save up to 80% on soap.
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  Silicone diaphragms for long life and years of dependable operation.
Baby Changing Stations
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We offer evey station on the market
Anti-Fatigue Othro Matts
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   No more pain from standing on hard surfaces. Best rated mat period

Sanitizing Wipes
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Stay Healthy, a wipe for every need.
What You Can Expect
We have over 800,000 customers nationwide. Everyone gets the same offer. If not 100% satisified with our products, return them within 60 days for a full refund. Our low overhead savings is passed on to you, no one sells for less.
  1. Only offer the best rated solutions on the market.
  2. Highly skilled advisors to help you plan and answer questions.
  3. Easy to do self installs on most products
  4.  All award winning products are easy to install and maintain, all have a quick pay-back, and deliver on their promised performance.